Never underestimate fucking your boss, it hits your senses even if it’s just a simple act.

The boss must be the first woman you ever slept with. Your dick is back to normal and the vision of the boss’s cunt is still with you. Her name’s Carol.

Normally she fucks you on your desk, but bdsm isn’t about sex, it’s about her torturing you, taking control of your cock and controlling you while your co-workers watch. If you cum too fast, the orgasm shoots you out the window onto the wooden planks below and that’s what your cock is telling you, that feeling of slight pain and arousal turns you on. But Carol doesn’t care, so she makes you fuck her again, this time she makes you tie her to the table with a fine gold chain and gag in your mouth. She tells you she wants you to fuck her with the gold chain.

Your cock is inches from her mouth. When you shove it into her, your dick feels like it’s being driven by a crane, and then it gets rock hard inside her, literally, the roughness and smoothness of her cunt, the wetness of her cunt, the roughness of your dick, and the smoothness of your glans is elegant and racy at the same time. It’s about sex, about those little caresses with Carol, you talk about it by telling how the boss fucked you.

She likes it and you don’t even understand why your dick is as hard and horny as it is now. Before you know it, you’re just turning around and fucking her from behind with the gold chain and gag in your mouth, sucking it, licking it, pulling your dick out before plunging it back in. It hurts so bad it breaks her. Your dick squirts on her tits and she screams your name, that you’re the best fuck and she’ll do whatever she wants. You also scream that you can do whatever you want with the boss, even fill her with your cum. Then you get hard again and fuck her in the mouth with your cock while cumming. Then Carol tries to swallow you.

First let me say that if you ever fuck the boss, she will be a sexy and desirable woman. If you ever fuck her in a bdsm way, you will fall in love with her. She is good in bed, and if you love her the way you love her, don’t expect it to ever be a relationship!